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The engine and transmission are engaged and disengaged by use of a clutches. These are controlled by the foot pedal. Our offerings engage and the engine is disengaged from the transmission when the pedal is depressed. Clutches are robust and highly durable. 


Brakes are a mechanical device used to slow down or stop moving vehicles, usually by exerting pressure on the wheels. These are designed for preventing motion by sapping the power from a moving system. Brakes are is used to slow down or stop a moving vehicle, wheel, or axle. 

Clutch Plates

A tiny disc with a friction surface called a clutch plates are used to connect and disengage two rotating shafts (drive shafts or line shafts). The clutch pedal engages the clutch plate in a manual transmission; with an automated transmission, hydraulic or electrical controls are used.

Friction Material

To induce friction between two surfaces, friction materials are utilised. Examples that are frequently used are clutches, gaskets, and braking shoes and pads. Harder materials, such metals or ceramics, are typically used to create friction materials.